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November 8, 2019 B20 Education Development Charge Policy Framework Update
August 22, 2019 B19 2019-20 Grant for Student Needs (GSN) and Related Regulations
August 9, 2019 B18 The Reciprocal Education Approach (REA)

Reciprocal Education Approach: Written Notice for Eligible Students Attending a School of a School Board

Reciprocal Education Approach: Written Notice for Eligible Students Attending an Eligible First Nation School

Reciprocal education Approach (REA) - Student Information Report 2019-20 School Year


July 22, 2019 B17 Announcement of launch of 2019-20 Capital Priorities Program, including Child Care Capital Funding and review of School Construction Standards
May 24, 2019 B16 Facility Operating and Renewal Funding for the 2019-20 School Year
April 26, 2019 B15 2019-20 Priorities and Partnerships Fund
April 26, 2019 B14 Grants for Student Needs (GSN) Funding for 2019-20
April 9, 2019 B13 Roadmap Resource Training Material The Road Map to Reporting Workplace Violence in Ontario School Boards: A Training Resource for Principals and Staff

April 5, 2019 B12 Provincial Working Group on Health and Safety – High Temperature Guidelines

Appendix A: High Temperature Guideline Reference Chart

High Temperature Guideline

March 29, 2019 B11 Interim Changes to Education Development Charges (EDC)
March 26, 2019 B10 2019 Proportions of Enrolment for purposes of Education Act, subsections 238(2) and 257.8(3) Table A: 2019 Proportions of Enrolment for Purposes of Education Act
March 15, 2019 B09 Next Phase of Consultations on Hiring Practices and Class Sizes

Class Size Consultation Guide

School Board Hiring Practices Consultation Guide

March 15, 2019


New Vision for Education
March 11, 2019 B07 Supporting Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder
February 28, 2019 B06 Budget Planning Information for 2019 - 20
February 4, 2019 B04 Technical Details for the Release of EPO Funding to Support Executive Compensation
February 1, 2019 B05 Cupe Violence Prevention Training
January 23, 2019 B03

Hiring Practices and Class Size Engagement


Ontario School Boards Hiring Practices

Class Size Engagement Guide

January 8, 2019 B02 2018-19 Provincial Asset Management Survey, and School Level Data Verification – 2018-19 Financial Statements and 2019-20 Estimates/Revised Estimates



January 8, 2019 B01 School Board Trade Agreement Report on Procurement Activity for 2017-18

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