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Alexandre Beaudin, Business Process and Project Manager

Joint-use 2018
  Joint-use Schools Experience Study
  Leading Practices Toolkit for School Boards Considering a Joint-use School

Facility Condition Assessment Program

School Board Capital Summary
  Coming Soon
School Facility Operations and Renewal Grant, Adjustment Factors
  Area Factors May 2001 (Will re-direct you to SFIS, login is necessary)
  2012-13 Adjustment Factors
Facility Space Templates
  Elementary / Secondary / Mix Template (Template under development)
Area Per Pupil Benchmark Calculator
  Area Calculator (Template Under Development)
MAP: Site Specific Geographic Adjustment Factor (2011)
  MAP: Site Specific Geographic Adjustment Factor (2011)
Leading Practices Manual
  From Concept To Classroom
Capital Analysis and Planning Template

Capital Analysis and Planning Template (CAPT V7)
For copy of instructional guide, please contact your Capital Analyst

Approval to Proceed Process
  ATP Request Form
  Capital Approval Process Table
Pupil Accommodation Review Guideline
  Pupil Accommodation Review Guideline

Administrative Review of Accommodation Review Process
Community Planning and Partnerships Guideline
  Community Planning and Partnerships Guideline
Education Development Charges
  EDC Forms
  EDC Guidelines - * Under Construction *
School Facilities Inventory System (SFIS)
  User Manual (2015) (Manual under development)
Capital Priorities SFIS Module and Business Case Instructional Manual (2015)
  SFIS & Business Case Manual - 2016 School Consolidation Capital
Archived B and SB Memos
  Archived B and SB Memos



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