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November 23, 2021 SB27 2020-21 Financial Statements Forms for School Authorities (Isolate Boards)  
October 29, 2021 SB26 Update on Student Transportation Routing Simulation
October 22, 2021 SB25 2020-21 Financial Statements Forms for Section 68 School Authorities  
October 22, 2021 SB24 2021-22 Revised Estimates (District School Boards)  
October 18, 2021 SB23 School Level Data Verification for 2021-22 Financial Statements and 2022-23 Estimates/Revised Estimates and Updates on SFIS Business Rules and Procedures  
October 5, 2021 SB22 Construction Action Plan - COVID-19 Related Incremental Direct Costs for School Board Capital Projects Survey and Principals for Pandemic Related Provision Language COVID-19 Related Incremental Direct Cost Survey
September 23, 2021 SB21 Elementary Class Size Reporting for 2021-22  
September 23, 2021 SB20 Updates to: Reciprocal Education Approach (REA) Instructions for First Nations and School Boards and Supporting Documents
  1. The Reciprocal Education Approach (REA) Instructions for First Nations and School Boards 2021-2022
  2. REA - Student Information Report for 2021-2022 Year
  3. REA - Student Enrolment List
September 15, 2021 SB19 2020-21 Financial Statements (District School Boards)  
September 15, 2021 SB18 School Board Financial Reporting of Provincially Procured Personal Protective Equipment and Critical Supplies and Equipment  
September 7, 2021 SB17  
August 19, 2021 SB16  
August 6, 2021 SB15 Next Steps to Support Supply Chain Centralization and Data Request
July 7, 2021
SB14 2021-22 Excellence in Education Administration Fund
July 5, 2021 SB13 Update on 2020-21 Student Transportation Grant In-Year Adjustments  
June 11, 2021 SB12 Additional Information on 2021-22 Stabilization and Supplemental COVID-19 Support Funding as well as the Use of School Board Reserves  
June 4, 2021 SB11 Asset Retirement Obligations Standard Implementation and Building Assets - School Facilities Inventory System Information Verification  
May 4, 2021 SB10 2021-22 Applications for Approval of ECPP Education Programs for Children and Youth in Government Approved Education and Community Partnership Program (ECPP Allocation)  
May 4, 2021 SB09 2021-22 Estimates Forms for Section 68 School Authorities  
May 4, 2021 SB08 2021-22 Estimates (District School Boards)  
May 4, 2021 SB07 Student Transportation - Grants for Student Needs, 2021-22  
May 4, 2021 SB06 Special Education Grant and Mental Health Funding Changes for 2021-22  
March 31, 2021 SB05  
March 25, 2021 SB04 Federal Safe Return to Class Fund: 2020-21 Spring and Summer Learning Opportunities for School Boards
March 8, 2021 SB03 ON Builds Signage for Capital Projects - Clarification of Timelines for Placement of Signage
March 3, 2021 SB02 2020-21 Student Transportation Grant In-Year Adjustments Transportation Template
February 1, 2021 SB01 Second Phase of the Safe Return to Class Fund - Collaborative Procurement Information Request Collaborative Procurement Information Request Form

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