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December 6, 2019 SB25 School Level Data Verification for 2019-20 Financial Statements and 2020-2021 Estimates/Revised Estimates  
November 18, 2019 SB24 2018-19 Financial Statements Forms for School Authorities (Isolate Boards)  
November 12, 2019 SB23 2018-19 Audit Committee Annual Report to the Ministry Guideline on Audit Committee Reporting
November 4, 2019 SB22 2018-19 Financial Statements Forms for Section 68 School Authorities  
October 29, 2019 SB21 Regulation Amendment to Support Persons Displaced as a Result of Hurricane Dorian who are Temporarily in Ontario  
October 24, 2019 SB20 2019-20 Revised Estimates (District School Boards)  
October 8, 2019 SB19 District School Board Enrolment Projections for 2020-21 to 2023-24 Template for Board Submission
September 26, 2019 SB18 2018-19 Student Transportation Report  
September 24, 2019 SB17 Remaining Service Life Review  
September 24, 2019 SB16 The Reciprocal Education Approach (REA) - The REA Instructions for First Nations and School Boards

Appendix A - The REA Instructions for First Nations and School Boards

Appendix B.i - Memorandum on the 2019-20 REA Data Submission

Appendix B.ii - Data Upload Instructions to the Secure Online Data Transfer (SODT) Portal

Appendix B.iii - User Account SODT Registration Form


September 23, 2019 SB15 2018-19 Financial Statements (District School Boards)  
September 12, 2019 SB14 Elementary Class Size Reporting for 2019-20  
September 5, 2019 SB13 2019-20 Estimates Forms for School Authorities (Isolate Boards)  
September 3, 2019 SB12 2019-20 Enrolment Register Instructions  
August 28, 2019 SB11 The Reciprocal Education Approach (REA) Parent, Guardian and Student Fact Sheet



The REA Parent, Guardian, and Student Fact Sheet



June 12, 2019 SB10 2019-20 Estimates Forms for Section 68 School Authorities  
May 31, 2019 SB09 Sick Leave Data Analysis Project Authorization Between School Board and School Boards' Co-operative Inc
May 24, 209 SB08 Student Transportation - Grants for Student Needs, 2019-20  
May 24, 2019 SB07 Special Education Grant Funding for 2019-20  
May 10, 2019 SB06 2019-20 Estimates (District School Boards)  
April 25, 2019 SB05 Regulatory Reporting: 5-Year Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plans; and Annual Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report

Calculating Energy Conservation Goals for FY 2019 to FY 2023

Draft Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan

Investments in Energy Management Strategies


April 5, 2019 SB04 Supporting Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder - Eligibility, Funding and Financial Reporting Requirements  
April 5, 2019 SB03 March 31, 2019 Financial Reporting Requirements  
April 3, 2019 SB02 Key Planning Details for Attrition Protection

Appendix A: Key Planning Details for the 2019-20 Proposed Attrition Protection

Appendix B: Illustrative Examples of Attrition Protection Scenerios

Appendix C: Estimated Changes in Funding and FTE

February 20, 2019 SB01 Update: Special Education Funding in 2018 - 19  

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