Smart FIR Application Instructions

What’s Required (User Registration)

In order to use the Smart FIR, users must install Smart View (an Excel add-in) and register for an OPS BPS Secure Account. Municipal users and Municipal Auditors who require access to the Smart FIR and who have not previously registered should refer to the registration package posted here.


Account Confirmation Form

As part of our annual security review, municipalities are asked to download and complete an Account Confirmation Form. The form is used to verify / delete users currently provisioned to access the Smart FIR for their municipality and to request new accounts when required.

An account is only required when initializing, submitting, backing up or restoring. For everything else, the Smart FIR functions as a regular Excel file. As such, we request that municipalities limit the number of users assigned to their account, to a maximum of two municipal users and one auditor.


General Instructions

In order for the Smart FIR to operate effectively, it is important that it is not manipulated in any way. We have identified the following Excel features which cause the file not to function or to function incorrectly:

  • Do not use Cut and Paste (or Drag and Drop)
  • Do not set up the file as a Shared Workbook
  • Do not Insert or Delete Sheets
  • Do not Link to other Excel files
  • Do not change file to Manual Calculation
  • Macro Security should be set to Medium
  • Do not save the file as .XLSX. File must be saved as .XLSM

Smart FIR User Guide

This file will guide users though all the functionality of the new Smart FIR: initializing, back up and restore, attaching files, submitting, returned FIR, viewing versions and inserting rows in tax / pil schedules.