FIR by Year and Municipality

Year 2017

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing welcomes you to the 2017 webpage which houses FIR2018 files as submitted by Municipalities. The Financial Information Return (FIR) is available for viewing/downloading. The deadline for submission of the 2017 FIR is May 31, 2017.

For additional information on the data and this webpage, please refer to the notes at the bottom of the FIR Homepage.

All Municipalities in Ontario are shown in Tables by 5 Geographical Areas.

FIR2017 Files Posted: 444 of the 444 Municipalities in Ontario.

Central Ontario

All Municipalities within Central Ontario are shown in this table. - FIR2017 Files Posted: 69 of the 69 Municipalities in Central Ontario.

Central Ontario
Municipalities Tier Submitted Date Last Posted Date File Download
Toronto C ST 07-Aug-18 09-Jul-20 Download Toronto C
DURHAM R UT 01-Aug-18 23-Nov-18 Download Durham R
Oshawa C LT 11-Jul-18 17-Oct-19 Download Oshawa C
Pickering C LT 12-Jun-18 25-Oct-18 Download Pickering C
Ajax T LT 25-May-18 18-Oct-18 Download Ajax T
Clarington M LT 16-Jul-18 25-Oct-18 Download Clarington M
Whitby T LT 30-May-18 03-Feb-20 Download Whitby T
Brock Tp LT 10-May-18 21-Sep-18 Download Brock Tp
Scugog Tp LT 20-Aug-18 25-Oct-18 Download Scugog Tp
Uxbridge Tp LT 31-May-18 25-Oct-18 Download Uxbridge Tp
HALTON R UT 18-May-18 02-Oct-18 Download Halton R
Burlington C LT 09-Jul-18 24-Nov-22 Download Burlington C
Halton Hills T LT 30-May-18 28-Nov-18 Download Halton Hills T
Milton T LT 08-Jun-18 25-Oct-18 Download Milton T
Oakville T LT 19-Jun-18 28-Jun-18 Download Oakville T
Hamilton C ST 23-Jul-18 25-Oct-18 Download Hamilton C
NIAGARA R UT 31-May-18 28-Sep-18 Download Niagara R
Niagara Falls C LT 18-Mar-19 29-Apr-20 Download Niagara Falls C
Port Colborne C LT 29-Aug-18 17-Oct-19 Download Port Colborne C
St Catharines C LT 30-May-18 14-Nov-18 Download St Catharines C
Welland C LT 23-Aug-18 05-Dec-18 Download Welland C
Thorold C LT 01-Jun-18 28-Nov-18 Download Thorold C
Fort Erie T LT 31-May-18 14-Nov-18 Download Fort Erie T
Grimsby T LT 27-Sep-18 14-Nov-18 Download Grimsby T
Lincoln T LT 24-Sep-18 05-Dec-18 Download Lincoln T
Niagara-on-the-Lake T LT 31-May-18 18-Oct-18 Download Niagara-on-the-Lake T
Pelham T LT 24-May-18 11-Oct-18 Download Pelham T
Wainfleet Tp LT 28-Sep-18 10-Jan-19 Download Wainfleet Tp
West Lincoln Tp LT 07-Aug-18 25-Oct-18 Download West Lincoln Tp
PEEL R UT 24-May-18 21-Sep-18 Download Peel R
Brampton C LT 31-May-18 22-Feb-19 Download Brampton C
Mississauga C LT 01-Jun-18 18-Mar-19 Download Mississauga C
Caledon T LT 07-Jun-18 25-Oct-18 Download Caledon T
YORK R UT 31-May-18 22-Feb-19 Download York R
Vaughan C LT 22-Jun-18 22-May-19 Download Vaughan C
Markham C LT 08-Jun-18 25-Oct-18 Download Markham C
Aurora T LT 30-Nov-18 22-May-19 Download Aurora T
Newmarket T LT 22-Aug-18 25-Oct-18 Download Newmarket T
Richmond Hill T LT 01-Oct-18 14-Nov-18 Download Richmond Hill T
Whitchurch - Stouffville T LT 04-Jun-18 28-Nov-18 Download Whitchurch - Stouffville T
East Gwillimbury T LT 27-Sep-18 10-Jan-19 Download East Gwillimbury T
Georgina T LT 14-Aug-18 25-Oct-18 Download Georgina T
King Tp LT 17-Aug-18 28-Nov-18 Download King Tp
MUSKOKA D UT 27-Jun-18 25-Oct-18 Download Muskoka D
Bracebridge T LT 08-Jun-18 25-Oct-18 Download Bracebridge T
Gravenhurst T LT 13-Jun-18 25-Oct-18 Download Gravenhurst T
Huntsville T LT 17-Sep-18 01-Nov-18 Download Huntsville T
Georgian Bay Tp LT 31-May-18 14-Nov-18 Download Georgian Bay Tp
Lake of Bays Tp LT 05-Apr-18 28-Sep-18 Download Lake of Bays Tp
Muskoka Lakes Tp LT 16-Aug-18 28-Nov-18 Download Muskoka Lakes Tp
SIMCOE CO UT 17-Sep-18 17-Oct-19 Download Simcoe Co
Barrie C ST 31-May-18 23-Nov-18 Download Barrie C
Orillia C ST 24-May-18 02-Oct-18 Download Orillia C
Collingwood T LT 30-May-18 11-Oct-18 Download Collingwood T
Midland T LT 12-Feb-19 22-Feb-19 Download Midland T
Penetanguishene T LT 14-Nov-18 23-Nov-18 Download Penetanguishene T
Wasaga Beach T LT 31-May-18 28-Sep-18 Download Wasaga Beach T
Innisfil T LT 31-May-18 18-Oct-18 Download Innisfil T
Bradford West Gwillimbury T LT 20-Jun-18 21-Jun-18 Download Bradford West Gwillimbury T
New Tecumseth T LT 30-May-18 21-Sep-18 Download New Tecumseth T
Essa Tp LT 02-Oct-18 10-Jan-19 Download Essa Tp
Tiny Tp LT 31-Aug-18 31-Jan-19 Download Tiny Tp
Adjala-Tosorontio Tp LT 14-Jun-18 21-Jun-18 Download Adjala-Tosorontio Tp
Clearview Tp LT 08-May-18 17-Oct-19 Download Clearview Tp
Oro-Medonte Tp LT 12-Jun-18 25-Oct-18 Download Oro-Medonte Tp
Ramara Tp LT 19-Jun-18 01-Nov-18 Download Ramara Tp
Severn Tp LT 31-May-18 19-Jul-18 Download Severn Tp
Springwater Tp LT 31-May-18 28-Jun-18 Download Springwater Tp
Tay Tp LT 20-Jun-18 07-Mar-19 Download Tay Tp

Eastern Ontario

All Municipalities within Eastern Ontario are shown in this table. - FIR2017 Files Posted: 114 of the 114 Municipalities in Eastern Ontario.

Eastern Ontario
Municipalities Tier Submitted Date Last Posted Date File Download
Ottawa C ST 31-May-18 11-Oct-18 Download Ottawa C
FRONTENAC CO UT 31-May-18 14-Sep-18 Download Frontenac Co
Kingston C ST 30-May-18 14-Nov-18 Download Kingston C
Central Frontenac Tp LT 26-Apr-18 21-Sep-18 Download Central Frontenac Tp
Frontenac Islands Tp LT 02-Oct-18 13-Dec-18 Download Frontenac Islands Tp
North Frontenac Tp LT 31-May-18 14-Sep-18 Download North Frontenac Tp
South Frontenac Tp LT 29-Aug-18 17-Jan-19 Download South Frontenac Tp
HALIBURTON CO UT 31-May-18 14-Nov-18 Download Haliburton Co
Dysart et al Tp LT 05-Jun-18 25-Oct-18 Download Dysart et al Tp
Minden Hills Tp LT 09-Jul-18 23-Nov-18 Download Minden Hills Tp
Highlands East M LT 01-Jun-18 21-Sep-18 Download Highlands East M
Algonquin Highlands Tp LT 28-May-18 18-Oct-18 Download Algonquin Highlands Tp
HASTINGS CO UT 09-Jul-18 25-Oct-18 Download Hastings Co
Belleville C ST 11-Sep-18 07-Feb-19 Download Belleville C
Quinte West C ST 31-May-18 14-Nov-18 Download Quinte West C
Deseronto T LT 27-Sep-18 08-Mar-21 Download Deseronto T
Bancroft T LT 29-Aug-18 01-Nov-18 Download Bancroft T
Faraday Tp LT 31-May-18 14-Sep-18 Download Faraday Tp
Limerick Tp LT 28-Aug-18 23-Nov-18 Download Limerick Tp
Madoc Tp LT 27-Sep-18 08-Nov-18 Download Madoc Tp
Tudor and Cashel Tp LT 31-May-18 18-Oct-18 Download Tudor and Cashel Tp
Tyendinaga Tp LT 01-Aug-18 17-Jan-19 Download Tyendinaga Tp
Wollaston Tp LT 28-Aug-18 28-Nov-18 Download Wollaston Tp
Centre Hastings M LT 24-Jul-18 25-Oct-18 Download Centre Hastings M
Stirling-Rawdon Tp LT 19-Sep-18 23-Nov-18 Download Stirling-Rawdon Tp
Tweed M LT 04-Oct-18 23-Nov-18 Download Tweed M
Hastings Highlands M LT 01-Aug-18 25-Oct-18 Download Hastings Highlands M
Carlow-Mayo Tp LT 31-May-18 14-Nov-18 Download Carlow-Mayo Tp
Marmora and Lake M LT 26-Sep-18 08-Nov-18 Download Marmora and Lake M
LANARK CO UT 27-Jun-18 25-Oct-18 Download Lanark Co
Smiths Falls ST ST 27-Apr-18 21-Sep-18 Download Smiths Falls ST
Carleton Place T LT 06-Apr-18 10-May-18 Download Carleton Place T
Perth T LT 21-Jun-18 25-Oct-18 Download Perth T
Mississippi Mills M LT 14-May-18 05-Jul-18 Download Mississippi Mills M
Beckwith Tp LT 04-Jul-18 25-Oct-18 Download Beckwith Tp
Montague Tp LT 28-Mar-18 19-Jul-18 Download Montague Tp
Lanark Highlands Tp LT 31-May-18 14-Sep-18 Download Lanark Highlands Tp
Drummond-North Elmsley Tp LT 31-May-18 14-Sep-18 Download Drummond-North Elmsley Tp
Tay Valley Tp LT 27-May-18 14-Sep-18 Download Tay Valley Tp
LEEDS AND GRENVILLE UCO UT 25-Jun-18 25-Oct-18 Download Leeds and Grenville UCo
Brockville C ST 12-Sep-18 28-Mar-19 Download Brockville C
Gananoque ST ST 11-Jun-18 13-Dec-18 Download Gananoque ST
Prescott ST ST 27-Sep-18 08-Nov-18 Download Prescott ST
Westport V LT 27-Sep-18 08-Nov-18 Download Westport V
Merrickville-Wolford V LT 29-Aug-18 17-Jan-19 Download Merrickville-Wolford V
Augusta Tp LT 18-Sep-18 05-Dec-18 Download Augusta Tp
Front of Yonge Tp LT 16-Aug-18 13-Dec-18 Download Front of Yonge Tp
North Grenville M LT 22-May-18 05-Jul-18 Download North Grenville M
Rideau Lakes Tp LT 30-May-18 10-Jan-19 Download Rideau Lakes Tp
Athens Tp LT 31-May-18 05-Dec-18 Download Athens Tp
Edwardsburgh-Cardinal Tp LT 23-Jul-18 13-Dec-18 Download Edwardsburgh-Cardinal Tp
Leeds and the Thousand Islands Tp LT 18-Jul-18 13-Aug-18 Download Leeds and the Thousand Islands Tp
Elizabethtown-Kitley Tp LT 10-Jul-18 25-Oct-18 Download Elizabethtown-Kitley Tp
LENNOX AND ADDINGTON CO UT 01-Jun-18 12-Jul-18 Download Lennox and Addington Co
Greater Napanee T LT 10-Sep-18 01-Nov-18 Download Greater Napanee T
Addington Highlands Tp LT 25-May-18 18-Oct-18 Download Addington Highlands Tp
Loyalist Tp LT 14-Jun-18 25-Oct-18 Download Loyalist Tp
Stone Mills Tp LT 30-May-18 21-Sep-18 Download Stone Mills Tp
NORTHUMBERLAND CO UT 27-Jul-18 25-Oct-18 Download Northumberland Co
Cobourg T LT 23-Nov-18 28-Nov-18 Download Cobourg T
Brighton M LT 12-Sep-18 03-Feb-20 Download Brighton M
Trent Hills M LT 01-Jun-18 28-Sep-18 Download Trent Hills M
Port Hope M LT 28-May-18 14-Sep-18 Download Port Hope M
Hamilton Tp LT 06-Jul-18 25-Oct-18 Download Hamilton Tp
Alnwick-Haldimand Tp LT 04-Jun-18 28-Sep-18 Download Alnwick-Haldimand Tp
Cramahe Tp LT 28-Aug-18 01-Nov-18 Download Cramahe Tp
PETERBOROUGH CO UT 04-Jun-18 24-Nov-22 Download Peterborough Co
Peterborough C ST 16-Jul-18 08-Nov-18 Download Peterborough C
Asphodel-Norwood Tp LT 01-Jun-18 01-Nov-18 Download Asphodel-Norwood Tp
North Kawartha Tp LT 04-Sep-18 08-Nov-18 Download North Kawartha Tp
Cavan Monaghan Tp LT 01-Jun-18 17-Jan-19 Download Cavan Monaghan Tp
Douro-Dummer Tp LT 01-Jun-18 25-Oct-18 Download Douro-Dummer Tp
Trent Lakes M LT 02-Apr-18 18-Oct-18 Download Trent Lakes M
Havelock-Belmont-Methuen Tp LT 27-Aug-18 23-Nov-18 Download Havelock-Belmont-Methuen Tp
Otonabee-South Monaghan Tp LT 17-Sep-18 13-Dec-18 Download Otonabee-South Monaghan Tp
Selwyn Tp LT 31-Jul-18 25-Oct-18 Download Selwyn Tp
PRESCOTT AND RUSSELL UCO UT 28-May-18 21-Jun-18 Download Prescott and Russell UCo
Clarence-Rockland C LT 30-May-18 05-Dec-18 Download Clarence-Rockland C
Hawkesbury T LT 31-May-18 05-Dec-18 Download Hawkesbury T
Casselman V LT 24-Aug-18 12-Apr-19 Download Casselman V
East Hawkesbury Tp LT 02-Oct-18 10-Jan-19 Download East Hawkesbury Tp
Russell Tp LT 29-May-18 07-Jun-18 Download Russell Tp
Alfred and Plantagenet Tp LT 14-Jun-18 25-Oct-18 Download Alfred and Plantagenet Tp
Champlain Tp LT 12-Sep-18 23-Nov-18 Download Champlain Tp
The Nation M LT 29-May-18 28-Nov-18 Download The Nation M
Prince Edward County C ST 26-Sep-18 08-Nov-18 Download Prince Edward County C
RENFREW CO UT 29-May-18 18-Oct-18 Download Renfrew Co
Pembroke C ST 10-Sep-18 22-Feb-19 Download Pembroke C
Arnprior T LT 31-May-18 10-Jan-19 Download Arnprior T
Deep River T LT 17-Jul-18 25-Oct-18 Download Deep River T
Renfrew T LT 29-May-18 24-Nov-22 Download Renfrew T
Petawawa T LT 31-May-18 22-Feb-19 Download Petawawa T
Laurentian Hills T LT 22-Mar-18 04-Apr-18 Download Laurentian Hills T
Head, Clara and Maria Tp LT 27-Sep-18 08-Nov-18 Download Head, Clara and Maria Tp
Horton Tp LT 21-Feb-18 28-Feb-18 Download Horton Tp
McNab-Braeside Tp LT 31-May-18 28-Sep-18 Download McNab-Braeside Tp
Brudenell, Lyndoch and Raglan Tp LT 14-May-18 22-May-18 Download Brudenell, Lyndoch and Raglan Tp
North Algona-Wilberforce Tp LT 23-May-18 21-Jun-18 Download North Algona-Wilberforce Tp
Admaston-Bromley Tp LT 18-May-18 14-Jun-18 Download Admaston-Bromley Tp
Laurentian Valley Tp LT 31-May-18 18-Oct-18 Download Laurentian Valley Tp
Killaloe, Hagarty and Richards Tp LT 14-May-18 14-Jun-18 Download Killaloe, Hagarty and Richards Tp
Madawaska Valley Tp LT 31-May-18 28-Sep-18 Download Madawaska Valley Tp
Bonnechere Valley Tp LT 28-May-18 28-Jun-18 Download Bonnechere Valley Tp
Whitewater Region Tp LT 05-Apr-18 21-Sep-18 Download Whitewater Region Tp
Greater Madawaska Tp LT 28-May-18 21-Jun-18 Download Greater Madawaska Tp
STORMONT, DUNDAS AND GLENGARRY UCO UT 25-May-18 14-Nov-18 Download Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry UCo
Cornwall C ST 12-Sep-18 01-Nov-18 Download Cornwall C
North Dundas Tp LT 24-Aug-18 30-Aug-18 Download North Dundas Tp
South Dundas Tp LT 25-Sep-18 08-Nov-18 Download South Dundas Tp
North Glengarry Tp LT 14-Sep-18 07-Feb-19 Download North Glengarry Tp
South Glengarry Tp LT 27-Sep-18 23-Nov-18 Download South Glengarry Tp
North Stormont Tp LT 30-May-18 21-Sep-18 Download North Stormont Tp
South Stormont Tp LT 26-Sep-18 08-Nov-18 Download South Stormont Tp
Kawartha Lakes C ST 31-May-18 18-Oct-18 Download Kawartha Lakes C

North-Eastern Ontario

All Municipalities within North-Eastern Ontario are shown in this table. - FIR2017 Files Posted: 110 of the 110 Municipalities in North-Eastern Ontario.

North-Eastern Ontario
Municipalities Tier Submitted Date Last Posted Date File Download
Greater Sudbury C ST 31-May-18 17-Oct-19 Download Greater Sudbury C
Sault Ste Marie C ST 14-Jun-18 05-Dec-18 Download Sault Ste Marie C
Elliot Lake C ST 16-Aug-18 05-Dec-18 Download Elliot Lake C
Blind River T ST 18-Jul-18 25-Oct-18 Download Blind River T
Bruce Mines T ST 16-Oct-18 18-Mar-19 Download Bruce Mines T
Thessalon T ST 01-Jun-18 18-Oct-18 Download Thessalon T
Spanish T ST 31-Aug-18 05-Dec-18 Download Spanish T
Hilton Beach V ST 08-Jun-18 14-Nov-18 Download Hilton Beach V
Hilton Tp ST 31-May-18 14-Nov-18 Download Hilton Tp
Jocelyn Tp ST 30-May-18 11-Oct-18 Download Jocelyn Tp
Johnson Tp ST 08-Apr-19 12-Apr-19 Download Johnson Tp
Laird Tp ST 23-Nov-18 18-Mar-19 Download Laird Tp
Macdonald Meredith et al Tp ST 06-Sep-18 28-Mar-19 Download Macdonald Meredith et al Tp
Wawa M ST 29-Aug-18 03-Feb-20 Download Wawa M
Plummer Additional Tp ST 26-Sep-18 07-Jan-21 Download Plummer Additional Tp
Prince Tp ST 07-Aug-18 28-Nov-18 Download Prince Tp
St Joseph Tp ST 30-May-18 08-Nov-18 Download St Joseph Tp
Tarbutt Tp ST 05-Sep-18 28-Mar-19 Download Tarbutt Tp
Hornepayne Tp ST 31-May-18 19-Dec-18 Download Hornepayne Tp
The North Shore Tp ST 16-Jul-18 25-Oct-18 Download The North Shore Tp
White River Tp ST 15-Oct-18 18-Mar-19 Download White River Tp
Dubreuilville Tp ST 30-May-18 11-Oct-18 Download Dubreuilville Tp
Huron Shores M ST 25-May-18 02-Oct-18 Download Huron Shores M
Timmins C ST 22-Jun-18 07-Feb-19 Download Timmins C
Hearst T ST 29-May-18 07-Jan-21 Download Hearst T
Iroquois Falls T ST 28-Sep-18 07-Mar-19 Download Iroquois Falls T
Kapuskasing T ST 28-Sep-18 07-Mar-19 Download Kapuskasing T
Smooth Rock Falls T ST 31-May-18 18-Oct-18 Download Smooth Rock Falls T
Cochrane T ST 07-Sep-18 18-Jul-19 Download Cochrane T
Moosonee T ST 01-Jun-18 18-Oct-18 Download Moosonee T
Black River - Matheson Tp ST 24-Sep-18 10-Jan-19 Download Black River - Matheson Tp
Moonbeam Tp ST 25-Feb-19 22-May-19 Download Moonbeam Tp
Fauquier-Strickland Tp ST 25-May-18 01-Nov-18 Download Fauquier-Strickland Tp
Val Rita-Harty Tp ST 31-May-18 18-Oct-18 Download Val Rita-Harty Tp
Mattice - Val Cote Tp ST 28-May-18 19-Feb-20 Download Mattice - Val Cote Tp
Opasatika Tp ST 07-Dec-18 22-May-19 Download Opasatika Tp
Gore Bay T ST 07-Aug-18 31-Jan-19 Download Gore Bay T
Northeastern Manitoulin & The Isl T ST 29-May-18 11-Oct-18 Download Northeastern Manitoulin & The Isl T
Assiginack Tp ST 12-Jun-18 25-Oct-18 Download Assiginack Tp
Billings Tp ST 06-Jun-18 25-Oct-18 Download Billings Tp
Burpee and Mills Tp ST 21-Sep-18 10-Jan-19 Download Burpee and Mills Tp
Cockburn Island Tp ST 13-Nov-18 18-Mar-19 Download Cockburn Island Tp
Tehkummah Tp ST 22-Nov-18 28-Mar-19 Download Tehkummah Tp
Central Manitoulin M ST 10-Apr-18 18-Oct-18 Download Central Manitoulin M
Gordon-Barrie Island M ST 26-Sep-18 01-Mar-19 Download Gordon-Barrie Island M
North Bay C ST 31-May-18 31-Jan-19 Download North Bay C
Mattawa T ST 21-Aug-18 01-Nov-18 Download Mattawa T
Temagami M ST 20-Oct-18 25-Oct-18 Download Temagami M
West Nipissing M ST 01-Jun-18 01-Aug-18 Download West Nipissing M
South Algonquin Tp ST 31-Aug-18 05-Dec-18 Download South Algonquin Tp
Bonfield Tp ST 07-Jun-18 14-Jun-18 Download Bonfield Tp
Calvin Tp ST 25-May-18 28-Mar-19 Download Calvin Tp
Chisholm Tp ST 13-Jul-18 23-Nov-18 Download Chisholm Tp
East Ferris M ST 26-Sep-18 01-Mar-19 Download East Ferris M
Mattawan Tp ST 27-Aug-18 03-Feb-20 Download Mattawan Tp
Papineau-Cameron Tp ST 07-Aug-18 28-Nov-18 Download Papineau-Cameron Tp
Kearney T ST 25-May-18 08-Nov-18 Download Kearney T
Parry Sound T ST 07-Sep-18 13-Dec-18 Download Parry Sound T
Powassan M ST 19-Sep-18 19-Dec-18 Download Powassan M
Burk's Falls V ST 01-Jun-18 23-Nov-18 Download Burk's Falls V
South River V ST 25-May-18 07-Jun-18 Download South River V
Sundridge V ST 28-Sep-18 10-Jan-19 Download Sundridge V
Armour Tp ST 28-May-18 02-Oct-18 Download Armour Tp
Carling Tp ST 28-May-18 22-May-19 Download Carling Tp
Whitestone M ST 08-Aug-18 28-Nov-18 Download Whitestone M
Callander M ST 28-Mar-18 28-Sep-18 Download Callander M
Joly Tp ST 25-May-18 17-Jan-19 Download Joly Tp
Machar Tp ST 20-Jul-18 28-Nov-18 Download Machar Tp
McDougall Tp ST 31-May-18 18-Oct-18 Download McDougall Tp
McKellar Tp ST 04-Jul-18 25-Oct-18 Download McKellar Tp
McMurrich-Monteith Tp ST 26-May-18 17-Jan-19 Download McMurrich-Monteith Tp
Nipissing Tp ST 08-May-18 28-Sep-18 Download Nipissing Tp
Perry Tp ST 25-May-18 08-Nov-18 Download Perry Tp
Ryerson Tp ST 25-May-18 08-Nov-18 Download Ryerson Tp
Strong Tp ST 25-May-18 17-Jan-19 Download Strong Tp
The Archipelago Tp ST 11-Sep-18 17-Apr-20 Download The Archipelago Tp
Magnetawan M ST 06-Jul-18 25-Oct-18 Download Magnetawan M
Seguin Tp ST 28-May-18 08-Nov-18 Download Seguin Tp
Espanola T ST 17-May-18 07-Jan-21 Download Espanola T
French River M ST 31-May-18 11-Oct-18 Download French River M
Killarney M ST 30-May-18 01-Nov-18 Download Killarney M
Markstay-Warren M ST 19-Oct-18 28-Mar-19 Download Markstay-Warren M
St-Charles M ST 20-Jul-18 01-Nov-18 Download St-Charles M
Baldwin Tp ST 31-May-18 25-Oct-18 Download Baldwin Tp
Chapleau Tp ST 10-Dec-18 07-Jan-21 Download Chapleau Tp
Nairn and Hyman Tp ST 07-Jun-18 07-Mar-19 Download Nairn and Hyman Tp
Sables-Spanish Rivers Tp ST 31-Jul-18 01-Nov-18 Download Sables-Spanish Rivers Tp
Temiskaming Shores C ST 29-Aug-18 05-Dec-18 Download Temiskaming Shores C
Cobalt T ST 07-Nov-18 18-Mar-19 Download Cobalt T
Englehart T ST 18-Oct-18 18-Mar-19 Download Englehart T
Kirkland Lake T ST 20-Sep-18 21-Sep-18 Download Kirkland Lake T
Latchford T ST 22-May-18 28-Jun-18 Download Latchford T
Thornloe V ST 28-May-18 02-Oct-18 Download Thornloe V
Armstrong Tp ST 25-Oct-18 18-Mar-19 Download Armstrong Tp
Brethour Tp ST 28-May-18 02-Oct-18 Download Brethour Tp
Casey Tp ST 11-Jun-18 23-Nov-18 Download Casey Tp
Chamberlain Tp ST 23-May-18 28-Jun-18 Download Chamberlain Tp
Coleman Tp ST 25-May-18 28-Sep-18 Download Coleman Tp
Evanturel Tp ST 24-May-18 28-Sep-18 Download Evanturel Tp
Harley Tp ST 11-Jun-18 23-Nov-18 Download Harley Tp
Harris Tp ST 11-Jun-18 23-Nov-18 Download Harris Tp
Hilliard Tp ST 30-May-18 28-Mar-19 Download Hilliard Tp
Hudson Tp ST 11-Jun-18 23-Nov-18 Download Hudson Tp
James Tp ST 15-Jun-18 25-Oct-18 Download James Tp
Kerns Tp ST 11-Jun-18 31-Jan-19 Download Kerns Tp
Larder Lake Tp ST 15-Oct-18 17-Oct-19 Download Larder Lake Tp
McGarry Tp ST 13-Nov-18 28-Mar-19 Download McGarry Tp
Gauthier Tp ST 20-Sep-18 19-Dec-18 Download Gauthier Tp
Matachewan Tp ST 29-Nov-18 28-Mar-19 Download Matachewan Tp
Charlton-Dack M ST 25-May-18 28-Sep-18 Download Charlton-Dack M

North-Western Ontario

All Municipalities within North-Western Ontario are shown in this table. - FIR2017 Files Posted: 34 of the 34 Municipalities in North-Western Ontario.

North-Western Ontario
Municipalities Tier Submitted Date Last Posted Date File Download
Dryden C ST 31-May-18 28-Sep-18 Download Dryden C
Kenora C ST 04-Jul-18 23-Nov-18 Download Kenora C
Sioux Lookout M ST 27-Sep-18 07-Mar-19 Download Sioux Lookout M
Red Lake M ST 19-Jul-18 28-Nov-18 Download Red Lake M
Ignace Tp ST 18-Jan-19 31-Jan-19 Download Ignace Tp
Machin Tp ST 31-May-18 28-Mar-19 Download Machin Tp
Ear Falls Tp ST 28-Apr-18 28-Mar-19 Download Ear Falls Tp
Pickle Lake Tp ST 20-Aug-18 18-Oct-18 Download Pickle Lake Tp
Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls Tp ST 23-May-18 08-Nov-18 Download Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls Tp
Fort Frances T ST 29-May-18 17-Jan-19 Download Fort Frances T
Rainy River T ST 19-Sep-18 19-Dec-18 Download Rainy River T
Alberton Tp ST 29-May-18 08-Nov-18 Download Alberton Tp
Atikokan Tp ST 23-Jul-18 31-Jan-19 Download Atikokan Tp
Chapple Tp ST 28-May-18 21-Sep-18 Download Chapple Tp
Emo Tp ST 21-Aug-18 07-Feb-19 Download Emo Tp
La Vallee Tp ST 28-May-18 28-Sep-18 Download La Vallee Tp
Morley Tp ST 29-May-18 24-Nov-22 Download Morley Tp
Dawson Tp ST 29-Jan-18 07-Jun-18 Download Dawson Tp
Lake of The Woods Tp ST 29-Jan-18 07-Jun-18 Download Lake of The Woods Tp
Thunder Bay C ST 13-Jun-18 04-Apr-19 Download Thunder Bay C
Marathon T ST 23-Jul-18 28-Nov-18 Download Marathon T
Greenstone M ST 27-Sep-18 07-Mar-19 Download Greenstone M
Conmee Tp ST 21-Aug-18 28-Sep-18 Download Conmee Tp
Dorion Tp ST 21-Aug-18 28-Nov-18 Download Dorion Tp
Gillies Tp ST 14-Aug-18 28-Nov-18 Download Gillies Tp
Neebing M ST 24-May-18 08-Nov-18 Download Neebing M
Nipigon Tp ST 28-Sep-18 07-Mar-19 Download Nipigon Tp
O'Connor Tp ST 24-May-18 08-Nov-18 Download O'Connor Tp
Schreiber Tp ST 31-May-18 14-Nov-18 Download Schreiber Tp
Shuniah M ST 15-May-18 21-Sep-18 Download Shuniah M
Terrace Bay Tp ST 15-Jun-18 28-Sep-18 Download Terrace Bay Tp
Manitouwadge Tp ST 26-Sep-18 01-Mar-19 Download Manitouwadge Tp
Red Rock Tp ST 27-Sep-18 07-Mar-19 Download Red Rock Tp
Oliver Paipoonge M ST 27-Sep-18 10-Jan-19 Download Oliver Paipoonge M

Western Ontario

All Municipalities within Western Ontario are shown in this table. - FIR2017 Files Posted: 117 of the 117 Municipalities in Western Ontario.

Western Ontario
Municipalities Tier Submitted Date Last Posted Date File Download
Haldimand County ST 28-Nov-18 18-Mar-19 Download Haldimand County
Norfolk County ST 29-Jun-18 22-May-19 Download Norfolk County
WATERLOO R UT 31-May-18 23-Nov-18 Download Waterloo R
Cambridge C LT 25-May-18 17-Jan-19 Download Cambridge C
Kitchener C LT 19-Jun-18 31-Jan-19 Download Kitchener C
Waterloo C LT 30-May-18 18-Mar-19 Download Waterloo C
North Dumfries Tp LT 24-May-18 30-Aug-18 Download North Dumfries Tp
Wellesley Tp LT 28-May-18 17-Jan-19 Download Wellesley Tp
Wilmot Tp LT 03-Apr-18 04-Apr-18 Download Wilmot Tp
Woolwich Tp LT 29-May-18 22-May-19 Download Woolwich Tp
OXFORD CO UT 17-Jul-18 23-Nov-18 Download Oxford Co
Woodstock C LT 31-May-18 07-Sep-18 Download Woodstock C
Ingersoll T LT 20-Aug-18 07-Feb-19 Download Ingersoll T
Tillsonburg T LT 28-Jun-18 14-Sep-18 Download Tillsonburg T
Blandford - Blenheim Tp LT 06-Aug-18 21-Sep-18 Download Blandford - Blenheim Tp
East Zorra - Tavistock Tp LT 20-Sep-18 19-Dec-18 Download East Zorra - Tavistock Tp
Norwich Tp LT 29-Aug-18 07-Feb-19 Download Norwich Tp
South-West Oxford Tp LT 27-Sep-18 10-Jan-19 Download South-West Oxford Tp
Zorra Tp LT 28-Jun-18 14-Sep-18 Download Zorra Tp
Brantford C ST 31-May-18 14-Nov-18 Download Brantford C
Brant County ST 19-Sep-18 22-Feb-19 Download Brant County
BRUCE CO UT 31-May-18 30-Aug-18 Download Bruce Co
The South Bruce Peninsula T LT 01-Oct-18 07-Mar-19 Download The South Bruce Peninsula T
Saugeen Shores T LT 03-Oct-18 18-Mar-19 Download Saugeen Shores T
Arran-Elderslie M LT 24-Sep-18 10-Jan-19 Download Arran-Elderslie M
Brockton M LT 01-Oct-18 07-Jan-21 Download Brockton M
Northern Bruce Peninsula M LT 04-Jun-18 07-Sep-18 Download Northern Bruce Peninsula M
Huron-Kinloss Tp LT 25-Jul-18 21-Sep-18 Download Huron-Kinloss Tp
Kincardine M LT 25-May-18 17-Jan-19 Download Kincardine M
South Bruce M LT 24-Jul-18 31-Jan-19 Download South Bruce M
DUFFERIN CO UT 20-Jun-18 14-Sep-18 Download Dufferin Co
Orangeville T LT 29-May-18 07-Jun-18 Download Orangeville T
Shelburne T LT 01-Jun-18 23-Nov-18 Download Shelburne T
Mono T LT 18-Jul-18 21-Sep-18 Download Mono T
Grand Valley T LT 02-Oct-18 22-May-19 Download Grand Valley T
Amaranth Tp LT 28-Sep-18 18-Oct-18 Download Amaranth Tp
East Garafraxa Tp LT 28-Sep-18 10-Jan-19 Download East Garafraxa Tp
Melancthon Tp LT 25-Jun-18 14-Sep-18 Download Melancthon Tp
Mulmur Tp LT 31-May-18 07-Sep-18 Download Mulmur Tp
ELGIN CO UT 30-Jul-18 31-Jan-19 Download Elgin Co
St Thomas C ST 24-Jul-18 21-Sep-18 Download St Thomas C
Aylmer T LT 16-Aug-18 07-Feb-19 Download Aylmer T
Southwold Tp LT 05-Jul-18 31-Jan-19 Download Southwold Tp
Bayham M LT 08-Jun-18 31-Jan-19 Download Bayham M
Central Elgin M LT 12-Dec-18 18-Mar-19 Download Central Elgin M
Dutton-Dunwich M LT 17-Sep-18 26-Jun-19 Download Dutton-Dunwich M
Malahide Tp LT 29-May-18 07-Jan-21 Download Malahide Tp
West Elgin M LT 16-Sep-18 19-Dec-18 Download West Elgin M
ESSEX CO UT 02-Aug-18 21-Sep-18 Download Essex Co
Windsor C ST 28-Sep-18 10-Jan-19 Download Windsor C
LaSalle T LT 15-Jun-18 31-Jan-19 Download LaSalle T
Amherstburg T LT 23-May-18 28-Jun-18 Download Amherstburg T
Essex T LT 28-Aug-18 07-Feb-19 Download Essex T
Kingsville T LT 30-May-18 17-Jan-19 Download Kingsville T
Lakeshore T LT 19-Sep-18 22-Feb-19 Download Lakeshore T
Leamington M LT 30-May-18 30-Aug-18 Download Leamington M
Tecumseh T LT 28-Aug-18 07-Feb-19 Download Tecumseh T
Pelee Tp ST 30-May-18 17-Jan-19 Download Pelee Tp
GREY CO UT 08-Oct-18 03-Feb-20 Download Grey Co
Owen Sound C LT 31-Jul-18 31-Jan-19 Download Owen Sound C
Hanover T LT 01-Aug-18 07-Feb-19 Download Hanover T
The Blue Mountains T LT 17-May-18 30-Aug-18 Download The Blue Mountains T
Meaford M LT 11-Sep-18 07-Jan-21 Download Meaford M
Chatsworth Tp LT 10-Sep-18 22-May-19 Download Chatsworth Tp
Southgate Tp LT 19-Mar-19 28-Mar-19 Download Southgate Tp
Georgian Bluffs Tp LT 13-Aug-18 21-Sep-18 Download Georgian Bluffs Tp
Grey Highlands M LT 16-Jul-18 31-Jan-19 Download Grey Highlands M
West Grey M LT 10-Oct-18 10-Jan-19 Download West Grey M
HURON CO UT 20-Aug-18 21-Sep-18 Download Huron Co
Goderich T LT 13-Sep-18 22-Feb-19 Download Goderich T
Bluewater M LT 25-Sep-18 22-Feb-19 Download Bluewater M
South Huron M LT 05-Jun-18 31-Jan-19 Download South Huron M
Huron East M LT 27-Jun-18 23-Nov-18 Download Huron East M
Howick Tp LT 31-May-18 07-Jan-21 Download Howick Tp
Central Huron M LT 22-Jun-18 14-Sep-18 Download Central Huron M
Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh Tp LT 20-Jun-18 14-Sep-18 Download Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh Tp
Morris-Turnberry M LT 01-Jun-18 07-Sep-18 Download Morris-Turnberry M
North Huron Tp LT 31-May-18 31-Jan-19 Download North Huron Tp
Chatham-Kent M ST 11-Sep-18 13-Dec-18 Download Chatham-Kent M
LAMBTON CO UT 04-Sep-18 22-Feb-19 Download Lambton Co
Sarnia C LT 31-May-18 31-Jan-19 Download Sarnia C
Lambton Shores M LT 06-Jun-18 14-Sep-18 Download Lambton Shores M
Petrolia T LT 19-Apr-18 28-Jun-18 Download Petrolia T
Plympton-Wyoming T LT 01-Oct-18 07-Mar-19 Download Plympton-Wyoming T
Oil Springs V LT 01-Jun-18 07-Jan-21 Download Oil Springs V
Point Edward V LT 20-Sep-18 22-Feb-19 Download Point Edward V
Enniskillen Tp LT 28-May-18 28-Mar-19 Download Enniskillen Tp
Dawn-Euphemia Tp LT 20-Jul-18 31-Jan-19 Download Dawn-Euphemia Tp
Warwick Tp LT 12-Sep-18 22-Feb-19 Download Warwick Tp
Brooke-Alvinston M LT 31-May-18 31-Jan-19 Download Brooke-Alvinston M
St Clair Tp LT 26-Jun-18 31-Jan-19 Download St Clair Tp
MIDDLESEX CO UT 17-Oct-18 18-Mar-19 Download Middlesex Co
London C ST 30-Aug-18 05-Dec-18 Download London C
Newbury V LT 26-Sep-18 24-Nov-22 Download Newbury V
Middlesex Centre M LT 09-Sep-18 13-Dec-18 Download Middlesex Centre M
Lucan Biddulph Tp LT 27-Jul-18 31-Jan-19 Download Lucan Biddulph Tp
Adelaide-Metcalfe Tp LT 31-Oct-18 18-Mar-19 Download Adelaide-Metcalfe Tp
North Middlesex M LT 24-Jul-18 21-Sep-18 Download North Middlesex M
Southwest Middlesex M LT 16-Sep-18 22-Feb-19 Download Southwest Middlesex M
Strathroy-Caradoc M LT 15-Aug-18 07-Feb-19 Download Strathroy-Caradoc M
Thames Centre M LT 23-Apr-19 25-Apr-19 Download Thames Centre M
PERTH CO UT 08-Aug-18 05-Dec-18 Download Perth Co
Stratford C ST 13-Sep-18 22-Feb-19 Download Stratford C
St Marys ST ST 14-Aug-18 07-Feb-19 Download St Marys ST
North Perth M LT 07-Sep-18 13-Dec-18 Download North Perth M
Perth East Tp LT 07-Sep-18 13-Dec-18 Download Perth East Tp
Perth South Tp LT 27-Sep-18 10-Jan-19 Download Perth South Tp
West Perth M LT 19-Sep-18 07-Jan-21 Download West Perth M
WELLINGTON CO UT 31-May-18 07-Sep-18 Download Wellington Co
Guelph C ST 04-Jul-18 22-May-19 Download Guelph C
Erin T LT 03-Oct-18 18-Mar-19 Download Erin T
Minto T LT 08-Aug-18 21-Sep-18 Download Minto T
Puslinch Tp LT 14-Sep-18 22-Feb-19 Download Puslinch Tp
Centre Wellington Tp LT 07-Jun-18 14-Sep-18 Download Centre Wellington Tp
Guelph-Eramosa Tp LT 17-May-18 08-Nov-18 Download Guelph-Eramosa Tp
Mapleton Tp LT 28-Sep-18 23-Nov-18 Download Mapleton Tp
Wellington North Tp LT 04-Sep-18 05-Dec-18 Download Wellington North Tp