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2020-2021 Estimates for:

District School Boards - Estimates Forms


EFIS via GO Secure


SB08: 2020-21 Estimates (District School Boards)

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Naming Convention
Uniform Code of Accounts

EFIS system instructions:

EFIS 2.0 User Guide
EFIS 2.0 User Registration Instructions
EFIS 2.0 System Setup Instructions
EFIS 2.0 - Troubleshooting Guide

Legislative/Funding Information:

Due Date:

August 19, 2020

Excellence in Education Administration Fund

The ministry has established the Excellence in Education Administration Fund (EEAF) program to continue its focus on efficiency and excellence in education administration. School boards will be able to apply for funding to engage an independent third-party consultant to either review operations and provide formal recommendations or to implement previously developed recommendations. 


Section 68 School Authorities


SB10 2020-21 Estimate Forms for Section 68 School Authorities

Due Date:

August 31, 2020

Send Completed Report To:


School Authorities (Isolate Boards)


SB12 2020-21 Estimate Forms for School Authorities (Isolate Boards)

Due Date:

October 9, 2020

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