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The document entitled "Eligible Expenses Resulting from Labour Disruption" is to be used by school boards to determine the amount of strike savings and eligible expenses incurred by boards experiencing a strike or lock-out.

Boards may claim 10% of total savings during the strike as "eligible expenses". However, if total expenses exceed the 10% threshold, boards are to complete and print out Appendix M from the 2019-20 revised estimates forms as soon as practical after the end of the strike or lock-out and submit it to the ministry for approval. Should expenses related to a strike or lock-out carry over a board's August 31 year end, costs are to be estimated and a revised approval will be issued upon completion of the process.

Memo: 2020: SB01: Eligible Expenses Resulting from Labour Disruption
Guideline: Strike Savings and Eligible Expenses Resulting from Labour Disruption


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