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The Ministry of Municipal Affairs welcomes you to the home of the Financial Information Return (FIR).

This website consists of pages for FIR REPORTING and pages for VIEWING FIR DATA as submitted by Municipalities. Please use the links on the left to go to the appropriate Reporting year, or the appropriate year for Viewing FIR Data.

About the FIR

The FIR is the main data collection tool used by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs to collect financial and statistical information on Municipalities. The FIR is a standard document comprised of a number of Schedules which are updated each year to comply with current legislation and reporting requirements.

To complete the FIR, each municipality begins by downloading the FIR from this website. The municipality then enters information into the FIR, and once completed, submits the FIR electronically. Any questions or concerns a municipality may have while completing the FIR may be directed to: FIR.MAH@ontario.ca.

The FIR is designed to include many automatic calculations, including formulas which carry-forward data from one schedule to another. To further assist municipalities with completing the FIR, a series of data verification checks are built into the FIR. These checks verify information as it is entered by the municipality, and ensure that accurate data is submitted. Also, before a municipality even begins completing the FIR, several data points from the previous year FIR are pre-loaded into the current FIR. This ensures that closing balances from the previous year match opening balances for the current year.

Special Recognition

In preparation for the release of the new Smart FIR for the 2016 reporting year, MMA enlisted the assistance of 14 municipalities to pilot the Smart FIR for the 2015 FIR. Their participation and feedback was invaluable in ensuring the smooth rollout of the 2016 FIR. Special thanks to:

Patrick W. Giles and staff – Township of Dawson
Lorraine LaPlante and staff – City of Greater Sudbury
Barbara Campbell-Graves and staff – City of Mississauga
Brenda Garrett and staff – Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake
John J Gareau and staff – Township of North Dundas
Frances Hale and staff – Municipality of North Perth
Trevor Lindley and staff – Region of Peel
Sandra Clancy, Darren Hancock and staff – City of Peterborough
Yvette Peplinskie and staff – County of Peterborough
David Clazie and staff – City of Quinte West
Carol Sweeney and staff – Town of Shelburne
Sandy Becker and staff – Municipality of South Huron
Dawn Paris and staff – City of Thunder Bay
Rosita Tse and staff – Township of Wilmot

FIR Awards

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs is pleased to announce 15 winners of the Financial Information Return (FIR) Awards. These municipalities are being recognized for their efforts and contribution in ensuring that timely, reliable, and accurate financial information was submitted for the 2016 Financial Information Return. Congratulations to:

Town of Carleton Place
Township of Nipissing
Township of Horton
Municipality of Central Manitoulin
Township of Madawaska Valley
Township of Whitewater Region
Township of Ear Falls
Township of Wilmot
Township of Central Frontenac
Township of Machin
Township of Admaston / Bromley
Township of Mississippi Mills
Township of Petrolia
Town of Perth
Township of Lake of Bays

Strong relationships and open communication are the foundation for creating strong and sustainable communities. We thank all the municipalities for their time and effort, and look forward to continuing to work together for the benefit of all Ontarians.


The source of the information displayed on this website is the Financial Information Return (FIR).

All files are published in English only, however, French versions will be provided upon request to FIR.MAH@ontario.ca

Data is posted on the site regularly, thus at a specific point in time, data may be missing or incomplete. Please refer to the "Date Posted" columns to determine when data was last refreshed.

Occasionally, current or historical FIR data is updated. In this case, the "Date Posted" will also be updated.

FIR data on this site is shown as it was submitted by a Municipality, however discrepancies may exist due to Rounding.

Users of the Data should be cautious with aggregating Data and/or making comparisons betweeen Municipalities and/or between different Reporting years.

Municipalities are shown as they existed in each year, thus Municipal Restructurings or Name Changes may result in a different "Municipal List" from year to year

Navigation links / anchors which move the user from part of the website to another part of the website will occur in the same browser, while all other links in this document will open new windows in your web browser.

Right Click and "Save Target As" to save FIR data files onto any Drive on your computer OR Double-click to automatically open the Data files.

Excel versions of the Data files are ZIPPED to reduce the file size and shorten download time. The WINZIP program is necessary to UNZIP the file once it has been downloaded.

Please report any accessibility issues to FIR.MAH@ontario.ca

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