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The Ministry of Municipal Affairs welcomes you to the View Schedules 2009 webpage which houses FIR Data by Schedule as submitted by Municipalities. Financial Information Return (FIR) Data is available by schedule for viewing/downloading.

For additional information on the data and this webpage, please refer to the notes at the bottom of the FIR Homepage.

FIR Data - By Schedule

For instructions on using the "By Schedule" data files on this webpage, please refer to the attached file: Instruction for Data Files

Financial Information Return (FIR) data by Schedule for the reporting years 2009 and on is available in the table below.
Schedule 2017 (.xls) 2016 (.xls) 2015 (.xls) 2014 (.xls) 2013 (.xls) 2012 (.xls) 2011 (.xls) 2010 (.xls) 2009 (.xls) Date Posted
02 - Municipal Data Coming Soon FIR2016 Schedule 02 (Zipped Excel) FIR2015 Schedule 02 (Zipped Excel) FIR2014 Schedule 02 (Zipped Excel) FIR2013 Schedule 02 (Zipped Excel) FIR2012 Schedule 02 (Zipped Excel) FIR2011 Schedule 02 (Zipped Excel) FIR2010 Schedule 02 (Zipped Excel) FIR2009 Schedule 02 (Zipped Excel) 22-May-18
10 - Consolidated Statement of Operations: Revenues Coming Soon FIR2016 Schedule 10 (Zipped Excel) FIR2015 Schedule 10 (Zipped Excel) FIR2014 Schedule 10 (Zipped Excel) FIR2013 Schedule 10 (Zipped Excel) FIR2012 Schedule 10 (Zipped Excel) FIR2011 Schedule 10 (Zipped Excel) FIR2010 Schedule 10 (Zipped Excel) FIR2009 Schedule 10 (Zipped Excel) 22-May-18
12 - Grants, User Fees and Service Charges Coming Soon FIR2016 Schedule 12 (Zipped Excel) FIR2015 Schedule 12 (Zipped Excel) FIR2014 Schedule 12 (Zipped Excel) FIR2013 Schedule 12 (Zipped Excel) FIR2012 Schedule 12 (Zipped Excel) FIR2011 Schedule 12 (Zipped Excel) FIR2010 Schedule 12 (Zipped Excel) FIR2009 Schedule 12 (Zipped Excel) 22-May-18
20 - Taxation Information Coming Soon FIR2016 Schedule 20 (Zipped Excel) FIR2015 Schedule 20 (Zipped Excel) FIR2014 Schedule 20 (Zipped Excel) FIR2013 Schedule 20 (Zipped Excel) FIR2012 Schedule 20 (Zipped Excel) FIR2011 Schedule 20 (Zipped Excel) FIR2010 Schedule 20 (Zipped Excel) FIR2009 Schedule 20 (Zipped Excel) 22-May-18
22 - Municipal and School Board Taxation Coming Soon FIR2016 Schedule 22 (Zipped Excel) FIR2015 Schedule 22 (Zipped Excel) FIR2014 Schedule 22 (Zipped Excel) FIR2013 Schedule 22 (Zipped Excel) FIR2012 Schedule 22 (Zipped Excel) FIR2011 Schedule 22 (Zipped Excel) FIR2010 Schedule 22 (Zipped Excel) FIR2009 Schedule 22 (Zipped Excel) 22-May-18
24 - Payments-In-Lieu of Taxation Coming Soon FIR2016 Schedule 24 (Zipped Excel) FIR2015 Schedule 24 (Zipped Excel) FIR2014 Schedule 24 (Zipped Excel) FIR2013 Schedule 24 (Zipped Excel) FIR2012 Schedule 24 (Zipped Excel) FIR2011 Schedule 24 (Zipped Excel) FIR2010 Schedule 24 (Zipped Excel) FIR2009 Schedule 24 (Zipped Excel) 22-May-18
26 - Taxation and Payments-In-Lieu Summary Coming Soon FIR2016 Schedule 26 (Zipped Excel) FIR2015 Schedule 26 (Zipped Excel) FIR2014 Schedule 26 (Zipped Excel) FIR2013 Schedule 26 (Zipped Excel) FIR2012 Schedule 26 (Zipped Excel) FIR2011 Schedule 26 (Zipped Excel) FIR2010 Schedule 26 (Zipped Excel) FIR2009 Schedule 26 (Zipped Excel) 22-May-18
28 - Upper-Tier Entitlements Coming Soon FIR2016 Schedule 28 (Zipped Excel) FIR2015 Schedule 28 (Zipped Excel) FIR2014 Schedule 28 (Zipped Excel) FIR2013 Schedule 28 (Zipped Excel) FIR2012 Schedule 28 (Zipped Excel) FIR2011 Schedule 28 (Zipped Excel) FIR2010 Schedule 28 (Zipped Excel) FIR2009 Schedule 28 (Zipped Excel) 22-May-18
40 - Consolidated Statement of Operations: Expenditures Coming Soon FIR2016 Schedule 40 (Zipped Excel) FIR2015 Schedule 40 (Zipped Excel) FIR2014 Schedule 40 (Zipped Excel) FIR2013 Schedule 40 (Zipped Excel) FIR2012 Schedule 40 (Zipped Excel) FIR2011 Schedule 40 (Zipped Excel) FIR2010 Schedule 40 (Zipped Excel) FIR2009 Schedule 40 (Zipped Excel) 22-May-18
42 - Additional Information Coming Soon FIR2016 Schedule 42 (Zipped Excel) FIR2015 Schedule 42 (Zipped Excel) FIR2014 Schedule 42 (Zipped Excel) FIR2013 Schedule 42 (Zipped Excel) FIR2012 Schedule 42 (Zipped Excel) FIR2011 Schedule 42 (Zipped Excel) FIR2010 Schedule 42 (Zipped Excel) FIR2009 Schedule 42 (Zipped Excel) 22-May-18
51 - Statement of Tangible Capital Assets Coming Soon FIR2016 Schedule 51 (Zipped Excel) FIR2015 Schedule 51 (Zipped Excel) FIR2014 Schedule 51 (Zipped Excel) FIR2013 Schedule 51 (Zipped Excel) FIR2012 Schedule 51 (Zipped Excel) FIR2011 Schedule 51 (Zipped Excel) FIR2010 Schedule 51 (Zipped Excel) FIR2009 Schedule 51 (Zipped Excel) 22-May-18
53 - Consolidated Statement of Change in Net Financial Assets (Net Debt) and Tangible Capital Assets Acquisition Financing / Donations Coming Soon FIR2016 Schedule 53 (Zipped Excel) FIR2015 Schedule 53 (Zipped Excel) FIR2014 Schedule 53 (Zipped Excel) FIR2013 Schedule 53 (Zipped Excel) FIR2012 Schedule 53 (Zipped Excel) FIR2011 Schedule 53 (Zipped Excel) FIR2010 Schedule 53 (Zipped Excel) FIR2009 Schedule 53 (Zipped Excel) 22-May-18
54 - Consolidated Statement of Cash Flow Coming Soon FIR2016 Schedule 54 (Zipped Excel) FIR2015 Schedule 54 (Zipped Excel) FIR2014 Schedule 54 (Zipped Excel) FIR2013 Schedule 54 (Zipped Excel) FIR2012 Schedule 54 (Zipped Excel) FIR2011 Schedule 54 (Zipped Excel) FIR2010 Schedule 54 (Zipped Excel) FIR2009 Schedule 54 (Zipped Excel) 22-May-18
60 - Continuity of Reserves and Reserve Funds Coming Soon FIR2016 Schedule 60 (Zipped Excel) FIR2015 Schedule 60 (Zipped Excel) FIR2014 Schedule 60 (Zipped Excel) FIR2013 Schedule 60 (Zipped Excel) FIR2012 Schedule 60 (Zipped Excel) FIR2011 Schedule 60 (Zipped Excel) FIR2010 Schedule 60 (Zipped Excel) FIR2009 Schedule 60 (Zipped Excel) 22-May-18
61 - Development Charges Reserve Funds Coming Soon FIR2016 Schedule 61 (Zipped Excel) FIR2015 Schedule 61 (Zipped Excel) FIR2014 Schedule 61 (Zipped Excel) FIR2013 Schedule 61 (Zipped Excel) FIR2012 Schedule 61 (Zipped Excel) FIR2011 Schedule 61 (Zipped Excel) FIR2010 Schedule 61 (Zipped Excel) N/A 22-May-18
62 - Development Charges Rates Coming Soon FIR2016 Schedule 62 (Zipped Excel) FIR2015 Schedule 62 (Zipped Excel) FIR2014 Schedule 62 (Zipped Excel) FIR2013 Schedule 62 (Zipped Excel) FIR2012 Schedule 62 (Zipped Excel) N/A N/A N/A 22-May-18
70 - Consolidated Statement of Financial Position Coming Soon FIR2016 Schedule 70 (Zipped Excel) FIR2015 Schedule 70 (Zipped Excel) FIR2014 Schedule 70 (Zipped Excel) FIR2013 Schedule 70 (Zipped Excel) FIR2012 Schedule 70 (Zipped Excel) FIR2011 Schedule 70 (Zipped Excel) FIR2010 Schedule 70 (Zipped Excel) FIR2009 Schedule 70 (Zipped Excel) 22-May-18
72 - Continuity of Taxes Receivable Coming Soon FIR2016 Schedule 72 (Zipped Excel) FIR2015 Schedule 72 (Zipped Excel) FIR2014 Schedule 72 (Zipped Excel) FIR2013 Schedule 72 (Zipped Excel) FIR2012 Schedule 72 (Zipped Excel) FIR2011 Schedule 72 (Zipped Excel) FIR2010 Schedule 72 (Zipped Excel) FIR2009 Schedule 72 (Zipped Excel) 22-May-18
74 - Long Term Liabilities and Commitments Coming Soon FIR2016 Schedule 74 (Zipped Excel) FIR2015 Schedule 74 (Zipped Excel) FIR2014 Schedule 74 (Zipped Excel) FIR2013 Schedule 74 (Zipped Excel) FIR2012 Schedule 74 (Zipped Excel) FIR2011 Schedule 74 (Zipped Excel) FIR2010 Schedule 74 (Zipped Excel) FIR2009 Schedule 74 (Zipped Excel) 22-May-18
75 - Water and Sewer Schedules N/A N/A N/A FIR2014 Schedule 75 (Zipped Excel) FIR2013 Schedule 75 (Zipped Excel) FIR2012 Schedule 75 (Zipped Excel) FIR2011 Schedule 75 (Zipped Excel) FIR2010 Schedule 75 (Zipped Excel) FIR2009 Schedule 75 (Zipped Excel) 22-May-18
76 - Government Business Enterprises (GBE) Coming Soon FIR2016 Schedule 76 (Zipped Excel) FIR2015 Schedule 76 (Zipped Excel) FIR2014 Schedule 76 (Zipped Excel) FIR2013 Schedule 76 (Zipped Excel) FIR2012 Schedule 76 (Zipped Excel) FIR2011 Schedule 76 (Zipped Excel) FIR2010 Schedule 76 (Zipped Excel) FIR2009 Schedule 76 (Zipped Excel) 22-May-18
77 - District Social Services Administration Board (DSSAB) Coming Soon FIR2016 Schedule 77 (Zipped Excel) FIR2015 Schedule 77 (Zipped Excel) FIR2014 Schedule 77 (Zipped Excel) FIR2013 Schedule 77 (Zipped Excel) FIR2012 Schedule 77 (Zipped Excel) FIR2011 Schedule 77 (Zipped Excel) FIR2010 Schedule 77 (Zipped Excel) FIR2009 Schedule 77 (Zipped Excel) 22-May-18
78 - Consolidated Municipal Service Manager (CMSM): Municipal Cost Shares N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A FIR2009 Schedule 78 (Zipped Excel) 22-May-18
79 - Community Improvement Plans Coming Soon FIR2016 Schedule 79 (Zipped Excel) FIR2015 Schedule 79 (Zipped Excel) FIR2014 Schedule 79 (Zipped Excel) FIR2013 Schedule 79 (Zipped Excel) FIR2012 Schedule 79 (Zipped Excel) FIR2011 Schedule 79 (Zipped Excel) FIR2010 Schedule 79 (Zipped Excel) FIR2009 Schedule 79 (Zipped Excel) 22-May-18
80 - Statistical Information Coming Soon FIR2016 Schedule 80 (Zipped Excel) FIR2015 Schedule 80 (Zipped Excel) FIR2014 Schedule 80 (Zipped Excel) FIR2013 Schedule 80 (Zipped Excel) FIR2012 Schedule 80 (Zipped Excel) FIR2011 Schedule 80 (Zipped Excel) FIR2010 Schedule 80 (Zipped Excel) FIR2009 Schedule 80 (Zipped Excel) 22-May-18
81 - Annual Debt Repayment Limit Coming Soon FIR2016 Schedule 81 (Zipped Excel) FIR2015 Schedule 81 (Zipped Excel) FIR2014 Schedule 81 (Zipped Excel) FIR2013 Schedule 81 (Zipped Excel) FIR2012 Schedule 81 (Zipped Excel) FIR2011 Schedule 81 (Zipped Excel) FIR2010 Schedule 81 (Zipped Excel) FIR2009 Schedule 81 (Zipped Excel) 22-May-18
83 - Notes Coming Soon FIR2016 Schedule 83 (Zipped Excel) FIR2015 Schedule 83 (Zipped Excel) FIR2014 Schedule 83 (Zipped Excel) FIR2013 Schedule 83 (Zipped Excel) FIR2012 Schedule 83 (Zipped Excel) FIR2011 Schedule 83 (Zipped Excel) FIR2010 Schedule 83 (Zipped Excel) FIR2009 Schedule 83 (Zipped Excel) 22-May-18
90 - Performance Measures: Municipal Information N/A N/A N/A N/A MPMP2013 Schedule 90 (Zipped Excel) MPMP2012 Schedule 90 (Zipped Excel) MPMP2011 Schedule 90 (Zipped Excel) MPMP2010 Schedule 90 (Zipped Excel) MPMP2009 Schedule 90 (Zipped Excel) 22-May-18
91 - Performance Measures: Efficiency N/A N/A N/A N/A MPMP2013 Schedule 91 (Zipped Excel) MPMP2012 Schedule 91 (Zipped Excel) MPMP2011 Schedule 91 (Zipped Excel) MPMP2010 Schedule 91 (Zipped Excel) MPMP2009 Schedule 91 (Zipped Excel) 22-May-18
92 - Performance Measures: Effectiveness N/A N/A N/A N/A MPMP2013 Schedule 92 (Zipped Excel) MPMP2012 Schedule 92 (Zipped Excel) MPMP2011 Schedule 92 (Zipped Excel) MPMP2010 Schedule 92 (Zipped Excel) MPMP2009 Schedule 92 (Zipped Excel) 22-May-18
93 - Performance Measures: Notes N/A N/A N/A N/A MPMP2013 Schedule 93 (Zipped Excel) MPMP2012 Schedule 93 (Zipped Excel) MPMP2011 Schedule 93 (Zipped Excel) MPMP2010 Schedule 93 (Zipped Excel) MPMP2009 Schedule 93 (Zipped Excel) 22-May-18
94 - Performance Measures: Questions N/A N/A N/A N/A MPMP2013 Schedule 94 (Zipped Excel) MPMP2012 Schedule 94 (Zipped Excel) MPMP2011 Schedule 94 (Zipped Excel) MPMP2010 Schedule 94 (Zipped Excel) MPMP2009 Schedule 94 (Zipped Excel) 22-May-18
95 - Performance Measures: Cross Boundary Service Delivery N/A N/A N/A N/A MPMP2013 Schedule 95 (Zipped Excel) MPMP2012 Schedule 95 (Zipped Excel) MPMP2011 Schedule 95 (Zipped Excel) MPMP2010 Schedule 95 (Zipped Excel) MPMP2009 Schedule 95 (Zipped Excel) 22-May-18

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