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The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing welcomes you to the 2019 Financial Information Return (FIR) webpage.

We would like to thank municipalities for their efforts in ensuring reliable and accurate information is submitted in the FIR each year. To assist with completing the FIR, municipalities are encouraged to contact ministry representatives as well as consult the FIR instructions provided on this webpage. To further ensure accurate submissions, the FIR has more than 1400 built in edit checks. Any failed edit rules must be addressed before the FIR may be submitted to the ministry.

Ottawa Rideau Canal

What's Required

In order to use the new Smart FIR, users must install Smart View (an Excel add-in) and register for a GO Secure Account. Municipal users and Municipal Auditors who require access to the Smart FIR and who have not previously registered should refer to the Registration Package posted here.

Smart FIR2019 Template

Before downloading and beginning the Smart FIR2019 template, we recommend printing and reading the Smart FIR Municipal User Guide.

Smart FIR User Guide
Document Description File

Smart FIR Municipal User Guide

This file will guide users though all the functionality of the new Smart FIR: initializing, back up and restore, attaching files, submitting, returned FIR, viewing versions and inserting rows in tax / pil schedules.

FIR Municipal User Guide (PDF)

Please note that the Smart FIR2019 template created by the ministry is the ONLY acceptable form of submission.

Additional Help

The table below contains videos and documents to further guide you in the set-up and use of the new Smart FIR.

Help Videos and Documents
Document Description File

Installing Smart View Tutorial Video

A video to guide you through the steps necessary to install the Smart View add-in.

Installing Smart View Tutorial Video (zipped MP4)

Registration Tutorial Video

A video guide to the registration process required to gain access to the Smart FIR.

Registration Tutorial Video (zipped MP4)

Initialization Video

A video guide to initializing the Smart FIR.

Initialization Video (zipped MP4)

Back Up and Restore Video

A video guide to backing up and restoring the Smart FIR.

Back Up and Restore Video(zipped MP4)

Submit Video

A video guide to submitting the Smart FIR.

Submit Video(zipped MP4)

Registration Information for Existing EFIS Users

Existing EFIS users do not have to register for a GO Secure account. Find out more.

Registration Information for Existing EFIS Users (PDF)

GO Secure Password Reset

A guide to resetting your GO Secure Password.

GO Secure Password Reset (PDF)

Failed to Configure Planning Connection ERROR

What is the cause of this error and how to fix it.

Failed to Configure Planning Connection ERROR (PDF)

Smart View Add-in Enable / Disable

How to enable or disable the Smart View add-in.

Smart View Add-in Enable / Disable (PDF)

Information for Caseware Users

If your municipality uses Caseware to populate the Smart FIR please read the attached for information on how the Smart FIR will function when connected / not connected to Caseware.

Information for Caseware Users

Information for Municipalities with Multiple Users

Best practices for municipalities that have multiple users involved in the completion of the FIR.

Information for Municipalities With Multiple Users

Macros Disabled

The Smart FIR will not function if macros are not enabled. This support memo describes how to enable macros in Excel.

How to enable macros in Excel.

General Instructions

In order for the Smart FIR2018 file to operate effectively, it is important that it is not manipulated in any way. We have identified the following Excel features which cause the file not to function or to function incorrectly:

  • Do not use Cut and Paste (or Drag and Drop)
  • Do not set up the file as a Shared Workbook
  • Do not Insert or Delete Sheets
  • Do not Link to other Excel files
  • Do not change file to Manual Calculation
  • Macro Security should be set to Medium
  • Do not save the file as .XLSX. File must be saved as .XLSM

It is important for municipalities to complete and submit the FIR2019 file created by the ministry. The FIR2019 file created by the ministry is the only acceptable form of submission.

For additional information on this webpage, please refer to the notes at the bottom of the FIR Homepage.

A complete list of submission requirements with due dates is available below.

Submission Requirements
Document Submitted By Due Date Submit To

Financial Information Return

All Municipalities

June 01, 2020

Submit (Netfile) using the Submit button in the Smart FIR.

Financial Statements

All Municipalities

When Available

E-mail to: FIR.MAH@ontario.ca *Preferred*
Mail or Fax to your Regional MSO Office.

Land Ambulance Report
(Ministry of Health)

Designated Delivery Agents

June 30, 2020


Feedback and Comments



E-mail to: FIR.MAH@ontario.ca

Forms for Submission
Document Description File File

FIR2019 (Zipped Excel)

This file can be used by Municipalities to complete and submit the FIR2019. Right-click and "Save Target As" to save the file on your computer. To use the Excel template for the 2019 Smart FIR, you must have Smart View installed and be registered with the Ministry as an authorized user. For more information please the the "What's Required" section above.

FIR2019 (Zipped Excel)

FIR2019 (PDF)

This .PDF version of the FIR2019 file can be used to print a blank copy of the FIR2019. However, this PDF version cannot be used to complete and submit the FIR2019.

This .PDF file can be viewed using the Adobe Acrobat program.

FIR2019 (PDF)

Account Confirmation Form (Zipped Excel)

As part of our annual security review, we are requesting that municipalites download and complete the Account Confrmation Form posted here. The form is used to verify / delete users currently provisioned to access the Smart FIR for their municipality and to request new accounts when required.

FIR2019 Account Confirmation Form (Zipped Excel)

Land Ambulance Report

This Land Ambulance Report has been prepared in co-ordination with Ministry of Health, and is to be completed by all Designated Delivery Agents.

Right-click and "Save Target As" to save the file in any drive on your computer. The file can now be opened using Microsoft Excel and is ready to use. To function properly, the file cannot be used in your web browser, it should be opened in Microsoft Excel.

Land Ambulance 2019 (Zipped Excel)

The following additional information in the table below may be downloaded to accompany the FIR Instructions.

Additional Information
Document Description File File

FIR 2019 Content Changes

This file contains a list of key changes to the content of the FIR from the previous reporting year to the current reporting year.

FIR2019 Content Changes (PDF) FIR2019 Content Changes (Zipped Excel)

FIR Tables

This file contains background tables used within the FIR. Included are tables for Taxable and Payment-In-Lieu Property Classes with PIL Sharing, Levy Types, Local Boards, Units of Measure, Pre-Loaded Data, Carry-Forward Calculations

FIR2019 Tables (PDF) FIR2019 Tables (Zipped Excel)

Levy Areas

This file explains how to report multiple sets of General Purpose Tax Rates in the FIR.

Levy Areas (PDF) Levy Areas (Text)

Reporting Property Tax Information in the FIR

This file contains a PowerPoint presentation on Reporting Property Tax Information in the Financial Information Return.

Reporting Property Tax Information in the FIR (PowerPoint) Reporting Property Tax Information in the FIR (Text)

MAH Social Housing Treatment Guide

This document, created by the Social Housing Branch of the Ministry of Housing provides further information pertaining to the reporting of Social Housing financial activities in the FIR.

MAH Social Housing Treatment (PDF) MAH Social Housing Treatment (Text)

KPMG Social Housing Transfer Guide

This document, created by KPMG, discusses the financial reporting issues surrounding the transfer of Social Housing to Local Housing Corporations.

KPMG Social Housing Transfer Guide (PDF) KPMG Social Housing Transfer Guide (Text)

LETTER February 2020

This is a copy of the letter sent to municipal treasurers and auditors February 2020 regarding the 2019 FIR.

FIR2019 Letter (PDF) -

Youth Populations

An excel file containing youth populations (ages 12 to 17). (Source: Statistics Canada, 2016 Census)

Ontario Youth Populations - Source: Statistics Canada - 2016 Census -

The Instructions for completing the FIR are available for download in the table below.

FIR Instructions
Document Description File

FIR Instructions

This complete set of FIR Instructions includes a Chapter for each Schedule in the FIR. This document also includes notes on the Breakdown of Functional Categories, Consolidation, Methods of Allocating Program Support and other introductory information

FIR2019 Instructions (PDF)

FIR Introduction

Introductory FIR information such as Consolidation, Methods of Allocating Program Support, Description of SLC Codes and Table of Contents.

FIR2019 Introduction (PDF)

FIR Functional Categories

Breakdown of Functional Categories used in the FIR.

FIR2019 Functional Categories (PDF)

Schedule 02

Declaration of the Municipal Treasurer (FIR Cover Page)

FIR2019 Schedule 02 Instructions (PDF)

Schedule 10

Consolidated Statement of Operations: Revenue

FIR2019 Schedule 10 Instructions (PDF)

Schedule 12

Grants, User Fees and Service Charges

FIR2019 Schedule 12 Instructions (PDF)

Schedule 20

Taxation Information

FIR2019 Schedule 20 Instructions (PDF)

Schedule 22

Municipal and School Board Taxation

FIR2019 Schedule 22 Instructions (PDF)

Schedule 24

Payments-In-Lieu of Taxation

FIR2019 Schedule 24 Instructions (PDF)

Schedule 26

Taxation and Payments-In-Lieu Summary

FIR2019 Schedule 26 Instructions (PDF)

Schedule 28

Upper-Tier Entitlements

FIR2019 Schedule 28 Instructions (PDF)

Schedule 40

Consolidated Statement of Operations: Expenditures

FIR2019 Schedule 40 Instructions (PDF)

Schedule 42

Additional Information

FIR2019 Schedule 42 Instructions (PDF)

Schedule 51

Schedule of Tangible Capital Assets

FIR2019 Schedule 51 Instructions (PDF)

Schedule 53

Consolidated Statement of Change in Net Financial Assets (Net Debt) and Tangible Capital Assets Acquisition Financing / Donations

FIR2019 Schedule 53 Instructions (PDF)

Schedule 54

Consolidated Statement of Cash Flow

FIR2019 Schedule 54 Instructions (PDF)

Schedule 60

Continuity of Reserves and Reserve Funds

FIR2019 Schedule 60 Instructions (PDF)

Schedule 61

Development Charges Reserve Funds

FIR2019 Schedule 61 Instructions (PDF)

Schedule 62

Development Charges Rates

FIR2019 Schedule 62 Instructions (PDF)

Schedule 70

Consolidated Statement of Financial Position

FIR2019 Schedule 70 Instructions (PDF)

Schedule 72

Continuity of Taxes Receivable

FIR2019 Schedule 72 Instructions (PDF)

Schedule 74

Long Term Liabilities and Commitments

FIR2019 Schedule 74 Instructions (PDF)

Schedule 76

Government Business Enterprises

FIR2019 Schedule 76 Instructions (PDF)

Schedule 77

District Social Services Administration Board

FIR2019 Schedule 76 Instructions (PDF)

Schedule 79

Community Improvement Plans

FIR2019 Schedule 79 Instructions (PDF)

Schedule 80

Statistical Information

FIR2019 Schedule 80 Instructions (PDF)

Schedule 80D

Municipal Performance Measures Statistical Information

FIR2019 Schedule 80D Instructions (PDF)

Schedule 83


FIR2019 Schedule 83 Instructions (PDF)

Other Links
Document Description Link

Adobe Acrobat

Download a current version of the Adobe Acrobat program in order to view .PDF (Portable Document Format) files. This link will open a new window in your web browser.

Adobe Acrobat


Download a current version of the WinZip program in order to unzip a file. This link will open a new window in your web browser.


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