ď2012: B8: Moving Forward With Student Transportation Competitive ProcurementĒ Ė List of Resources
Student Transportation Contracting Practices Resource Package
   Contract Template
   School Transportation Services Procurement Guideline
   RFP Template
   Statement of Work Template
Two-Stage RFSQ Templates
   Student Transportation Services: RFSQ Procurement Guide
   Student Transportation Services: Request for Supplier Qualifications (RFSQ)
   RFSQ Submission Template
   Student Transportation Services: RFSQ Reviewer Training Guide
Two-Stage RFS Templates
   Student Transportation Services: RFS Procurement Guide
   Student Transportation Services: Request for Services (RFS)
   RFS Submission form Envelope #1
   RFS Submission form Envelope #2
   Request for Expression of Interest
   Student Transportation Services: RFS Evaluator Training Guide
Two-Stage Pilot Report
   Assessment of the Effectiveness of the Two-Stage Pilot Process
Two-Stage Fairness Commissioner Reports
   Fairness Commissionerís Report Northwest RFSQ
   Fairness Commissionerís Report East of Thunder Bay RFS
   Fairness Commissionerís Report Thunder Bay RFS
   Fairness Commissionerís Report Rainy River RFS
   Fairness Commissionerís Report NWOSSC RFS
   Fairness Commissionerís Report North-East RFSQ
   Fairness Commissionerís Report North-East RFS
Report of the Student Transportation Competitive Procurement Task Force to the Ontario Minister of Education
2012:B8 Attachments
   BPS Procurement Directive Working Committee Checklist for Student Transportation
   Application for Student Transportation Competitive Procurement Resource Support